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With the spirit of romance and adventure interwoven, staying in a romantic rut is no longer an option. Special Offer Predictor As the planets move through the heavens in their individual orbits they form angles to the positions that the planets occupied at the time of your birth. This report interprets the way these planetary movements affect you as an individual, and explains how they influence your relationships, your work, your moods, and every aspect of your life. It will also provide guidance as to how you can make the most of opportunities when they arise, as well as helping you to maximize your strengths, and minimize your weaknesses. Born multi-taskers, they can keep many balls in the air at once, holding down two jobs, even dating two people. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini’s great strength is adaptability, the chameleon talent of being able to fit in anywhere. Gemini’s other gift is youthfulness. Always interested in anything new, Geminis are able to keep up with the trends and stay young. When Gemini is functioning full throttle, no one is better at making even complex tasks seem easy.

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Pisces Are you wondering why you should consult Singles Love Horoscopes? Everyone, sooner or later, meets their soul mate. Before this moment, some time alone is needed to get to know ourselves, our tastes, what we like and don’t like. Once this situation is over, our minds and hearts are ready to undertake a new journey, this time as a couple! Between these periods, doubt and uncertainty arise: Is this person right for me?

Libra Money and Libra Horoscopes Weekly, Daily and Monthly for Your Libra luck, fortune, money, love and business horoscopes weekly. Money horoscopes for today, and November dear Libra are free and available throughout the days, weeks and months ahead.

In addition, Saturn in Aries, is a disease, epilepsy, and obstacles to the cold – Aries Free Horoscope melancholy, black jaundice, pain, fistula, swelling, leprosy and so on. In Taurus, Saturn may indicate tonsillitis, glandular tumor, the twins, the risk may be due to brochila tube, chest and lungs, etc. In fact, it is still in its retrograde motion disintegration Nakshtra include up to October 22, – hence, the impact of the region is more obvious, when Saturn ago by the house, the opposite Aries love matches movement.

Mars, Saturn and Ketu planets involved. Saturn Aswinin – 3 local people have been born wise, his business, and to widely used for commercial purposes. Under normal circumstances, to maintain friendly relations with employees, interested in their welfare. Most of them were found to be ambitious, but in a bad mood. Mars in Aries Dating Lagna has become the original injury 6 homes , and the machine apparently the main decision Aswini Ketu her illness to reach sixth house.

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Home Mainpage Horoscope Compatibility Looking to understand the signs of love? Do not be fooled by imitators! We are the relational astrology experts. Find your best and worst love matches, then learn why and what makes them tick. We are a brand new site born under the sign of Scorpio on Like us and help us grow!

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Pisces Capricorn Woman There are many established beliefs about a Capricorn lady how far are they true? Can you really trust on her? Reading this article you’ll know how you can sustain a harmonious relationship with a Capricorn lady. What exposes a Capricorn woman is her ability of deep thinking and go-getting quality. However there are many attributes that defines a Capricorn woman. First thing you’ll notice is her hard-working.

Yes, a Capricorn lady has potential to penetrate the iron with her strong will of achieving goals. She does hundred percent what she focuses. But yet is assumed that a Capricorn lady is difficult to understand. You can’t define her characteristics at just one look, in fact, she is versatile having multi attributes. At different point of time she is a different person. It is very difficult for you to judge her what she is exactly. Unlike other girls she also wants security, authenticity, and admiration in life.

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Just try to keep on top and focus on the moment when you can finally start looking forward to the weekend!! Rather obstructive lunar aspects suggest that after a brilliant start, the day might develop into an uphill struggle, so cut corners where you can! Horoscope for July 26 Cancer Your mood is likely to dip today for no other reason than somber lunar influences, and you could end up feeling rather put upon or unappreciated.

However, having a definite focal point will ease the stress; anything with a creative or artistic angle will certainly redirect your energies in a positive way! Horoscope for July 26 Virgo Somber influences have their benefits. You will question your personal strategies.

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Sagittarius Tuesday, November 20, Today, the fire of conviction burns within you — or at least the fire of audacity! You can create success almost out of thin air. Sagittarius Wednesday, November 21, Waiting can feel like forever but really, it’s only going to be one day before things start to push through again. There’s no need to sulk. Email Address Please enter correct email address.

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By Marcus Gilmer For instance, check out this excerpt from my sign, Aries. On September 6, a major astrological milestone takes place as Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, ends its 5-month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. This retrograde was affecting your social status and reputation sector, Aries, so you may have attracted a few frenemies or haters during this transit. Saturn being direct in this area of your chart will make you more selective when it comes to your sexual partners, and this may come as a surprise to people who are used to you being more promiscuous and down for anything.

For what it’s worth, I’m happily married so I will indeed be “selective” when it comes to sexual partners, but the rest is pretty interesting.

Aries Aries Love Horoscope for the year of the Yellow Earth DOG Although Aries the sign is ruled by planet Mars for you romance starts with the Sun as it oversees your dating and falling in love sector.

Libra Money Horoscope While the stars incline and don’t control, there is every reason why the confidence the Sun is feeling on the income front should be rubbing off on you. Until late last week, the Sun’s final days in your income sector were looking typical. With Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all been and gone, the Sun’s final days were more about tying up loose ends. While Ceres returned last week and is here until January, her focus is less on the money and more on redefining your needs and priorities, which can happen in retrospect.

However, three events since Friday have changed everything. It began with Mars’ return to your work sector, which has all of a sudden fired things up on the job front. Over the next 24 hours, first Venus and then Mercury made U turns that has been on their way back for double dip visits to your income sector. Until leaving on Thursday the Sun is now more focused on exposing your options across the income, work and career fronts. Money horoscopes for today, and November dear Libra are free and available throughout the days, weeks and months ahead.

Free daily Libra money, love and work predictions.

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How To Date An Aries Dating an Aries means you are going out with someone who is passionate, intense, and a little self-absorbed. They can make exciting and loyal partners. Due to their fiery personality, relationships with Arians will be full of adventure and excitement.

Taurus horoscope – daily, weekly and monthly Taurus horoscopes. Taurus compatibility – the compatibility of taurus with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. Taurus history – the history of Taurus and the stories behind it.

To be born on the cusp means your birthday falls on the first day or the last day of a zodiac sign. Many times a person displays traits of both signs. For example, if a person was born on April 19, it might be difficult to determine if that person is really a Taurus or an Aries. If you were born on a cusp, an astrologer will need to know the latitude and longitude of the place where you were born as well as your exact time of birth. These pieces of information will allow the astrologer to accurately calculate your sun sign.

Conflicting Range of Dates One thing you may have noticed is that sometimes when you look up your sun sign, you find a discrepancy in the range of dates used for your sign. These can differ from one or two days depending on the source you are using. This can create confusion and some people might decide they aren’t a particular zodiac sign after all. Why Sign Dates Can Differ The zodiac is comprised of twelve signs , and each sign is assigned thirty degrees within a three hundred and sixty degree circle.

The sun moves through each sign’s constellation. When you’re born, where the sun is during that moment of birth determines which one is your sun sign.

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