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Only with this rich supply of examples could the theory of bundles vector bundles, principal bundles and fibre bundles more generally arise. It was a marvellous convergence when it was discovered that physical theories such as electromagnetism and electroweak theory, and even general relativity, were also described by the data of connections on such geometric structures. Contemporary physical -ish field theories that arise from, say, string theory require a much richer setting, and the geometry behind this setting has become known as “higher geometry”. Not surprisingly the geometry has its roots dating back to none other than the differential geometer and category theorist Charles Ehresmann. It is the marriage of geometry and higher category theory as exemplified in Lie groupoids that provides this richer setting that physics requires. However, the kind of examples that drove the theory of bundles in the first half of the 20th century have been lacking until recently.

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Please watch here and on social media and in local media for updates. A to Z of speakers, with photos, biographies and links Readings by Christina Balmer and Andrew Maud. You have ten minutes to present your one-page synopsis, word back-cover blurb and the first five pages of your manuscript.

“Hong Kong Boston was named Best Karaoke Bar by Boston Magazine in and recognized by Esquire Network’s TV Show, “Best Bars in America” in Whether you want to belt out karaoke, indulge in $1 teriyaki, watch our weekly H.K. Dating Game, let loose and dance in the dance club, or share Scorpion Bowls with friends, we have something for.

With a wide variety of guests, Host Suzanne Phillips invites you to consider how we live, love, learn and laugh from a psychological perspective. She explores our relationships from dating to marriage to our special bond with pets. In a conversational style, Suzanne and her guests translate the latest in psychology to exemplify ways of coping with trauma, bullying, loss, illness, depression and anxiety.

She engages her guests with questions, often voicing her own thoughts or sharing related stories. What is particularly exciting about Psych Up Live is the opportunity for you to call in with your own stories, questions and opinions. Phillips has been a practicing psychologist, psychoanalyst, group therapist and professor for over 30 years.

She is the co-author of three books and over 40 articles and chapters. Most recently, she co-authored Healing Together: She has written and presented on a wide range of topics including couples, marriage, divorce, trauma, teens, pets, midlife, military, managing stress, infidelity, resilience, bereavement and family issues. She also gave testimony before Congress for the needs of military families.

Suzanne is a weekly blogger for Psych Central with over original blogs.

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The new movie talks about Sunny playing a role of a useless brother and Yaya playing the role as a model student sister, both fighting with each other since young due to their huge personality difference! The brother, who loves to create troubles for his younger sister, would always scare away every single boyfriend of his sister until his sister fell in love with a perfect mixed Japan and Thailand blood boy who is played by Nichkhun. The devilish brother is determined to cause more troubles, giving lots of problem to their relationship… In the movie, Nichkhun kept giving in to the female lead.

The medieval castle at the top of the hill in Annecy, dating back to the 12th century, is worth seeing simply on its own, but it’s a must-visit this year thanks to a retrospective exhibition of.

Some members already had experience in the entertainment industry, including Jun. K , who had won several singing competitions. Originally, the members of 2PM were part of a larger group known as One Day. A documentary called Hot Blood Men [4] captured the group’s training days. In this documentary, former member Jaebeom finished at the top spot and received the most fan votes.

It also featured the elimination of three trainees from the group:

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The quartet made their first television appearance on the fourth episode of Mnet ‘s reality-survival program Who is Next: WIN, which aired on September 6, Debut with Got It? The drama tells the story of a girl who shares dreams, love and friendship with a group of mysterious boys and gathered close to 13 million hits in total. The single contains an “Love Train”, the original Japanese song O.

Episode Description. In this episode, Dr. Andrew Smiler, licensed therapist and an expert on boys, men, and masculinity, will discuss his new and important book, Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy.

So, just sit back, relax, enjoy reading and fap away! My husband has left for work a few hours earlier. Mabilis ang tibok ng puso ko dahil sa kaba at takot. Pero sa kabilang panig, nakakaramdam ako ng sarap at pananabik. Hubad ang aking pang ibabang kasuotan. Legs were widely spread.

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There is no other animation festival like it. Imagine San Diego Comic-Con and the Cannes Film Festival smashed into one, except everyone attending is an animation artist or somehow involved in the business, or otherwise a student working toward the goal of becoming a professional artist. Here are 9 highlights from the upcoming edition, taking place June

Jul 31,  · “THE 2PM in TOKYO DOME” 26 – 27 Oct. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more.

In between, he takes breaks and goes to Smoothie King. He always orders drinks and adds the protein stuff. Honestly, no one can be as clean as him. They kept working him up by saying more things. Jay kept eating more and threw up more. Kwon felt bad for him so he bought him a burger. Why did you buy that for him? Kwon and Khun were the only honest, whole-hearted ones. The only person who is clean in 2PM besides Jay is Khun.

We heard he kept crying for Jay but he cried because he was dumped by his girlfriend. He dated a new girl after that and is dating another one now. From a sasaeng fan:

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Beberapa artis papan atas Korea akan kembali unjuk gigi dalam serial terbaru yang mereka bintangi. Tentu saja hal ini akan semakin memanaskan persaingan di ranah dunia drama Korea yang memiliki fans fanatik bukan hanya di negara asalanya saja, namun seluruh dunia termasuk Indonesia. Saimdang, the Herstory Hingga saat ini, drama korea masih menjadi suatu hiburan yang sangat dinikmati.

Pun dengan orang Indonesia, banyak sekali yang menggemari serial drama dari negeri gingseng tersebut.

All in all, was quite a wackadoo year, so it’s fitting that Pornhub saw a rise in Pokémon, Harley Quinn, and, yep, Trump searches. The day after the election, there was a 2,percent.

This commitment has 2 parts: Masculine generosity and Feminine Generosity: This is about spiritual and emotional generosity. It’s about giving your essence, your deepest gift as either a Masculine or Feminine being. The primary reason we seek intimacy is to experience a kind of energetic wholeness that can only come from our reciprocal opposite in relationship. Sexual attraction, or chemistry, is all about seeking this energetic wholeness and balance.

The masculine partner craves the radiant life force of the feminine so he can be rejuvenated and inspired to succeed in his quest for freedom. He needs her wild, passionate emotional energy to enliven his heart and ground him in his body. The feminine partner craves the masculine’s clarity and presence so that she can fully relax, trust and surrender herself to love and life—not to mention her partner! Your partner will choose you because you have what they’re lacking on the level of form.

If you want to keep your romance alive, you must commit to giving your partner your masculine or feminine essence. How you do that and what it looks like is far, far beyond what can be discussed in this newsletter. So the next paragraph applies now more than ever.

Did Wooyoung just unintentionally reveal that some 2pm members are dating