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Bush received all but one of the 40 votes cast on the island. The remaining vote was cast for Green Party nominee David Cobb. The seabird sanctuary island of Lehua can be seen in the background. The census states that there were people living on the island. Horses are the main form of transportation; bicycles are also used.

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Best Toddler Costumes The key to finding a unique Hawaiian costume for your child is to think outside of the box. These days parents are not limited to the standard grass skirt , bikini top and artificial flower lei Hawaiian costume set. Rather, there are a myriad of Hawaiian-inspired getups for kids to choose from. Girls Your little princess can hula her way to party central in a beautiful Hawaiian costume. Most girls are fans of traditional hula girl costume sets, which range from sweet to sexy.

However, if your daughter is looking for something a little different, you might consider purchasing a rainbow colored hula skirt. The jazzed up Hawaiian skirt is made from pink, purple, yellow and blue nylon and can be paired with an equally colorful flower lei. Then, instead of a classic coconut-shaped top, your girl can cover up with a shell top. Another unique option is to have your daughter don a hula skirt made entirely of silk flowers. The fancy floral skirt looks especially festive when paired with a Hawaiian print top.


Traditional Hawaiian Dances While enjoyed by many, the dance has sacred roots in Hawaii. The first hula was said to have been performed by a goddess or group of goddesses, who shared the dance with the Polynesian peoples who settled Hawaii. Because of its foundation in the Hawaiian religious system, the hula was used for ceremonies and rituals, not entertainment.

Today’s hula is based in the Hawaiian dance of old, but it is used primarily for entertainment. Classic Hawaiian Dance Costumes Hawaiian dancers are often pictured in a grass skirt, a coconut bra, and several leis. To make grass skirts, Hawaiians use ti leaves, which are wider than the strands used in most artificial grass skirts.

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As such, parties are usually in the form of potlucks. It is extremely common for guests to take their shoes off before entering a home. A shoe rack on the porch or footwear left outside a doorway of a residence indicate that shoes should be removed. The offering of food is related to the gift-giving culture. The pidgin phrases “Make plate” or “Take plate” are common in gatherings of friends or family that follow a potluck format.

It is considered good manners to “make plate”, literally making a plate of food from the available spread to take home, or “take plate”, literally taking a plate the host of the party has made of the available spread for easy left-overs. It is considered gracious to take the plate, or make a small plate, even if you don’t intend to eat it. In part, this tradition is related to clean-up, being a good guest by not leaving the mass of left-overs at the party-throwers house and making them alone responsible for clean up.

In more recent times, this has also evolved into donating your left-overs to the homeless population, especially if you’re having a get-together at a public park or similar location, as it is likely there is a homeless population living nearby as well.

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There’s no need to pay for an expensive plane ticket and hotel reservations to enjoy a tropical island paradise, because with Hawaiian non-alcoholic drink recipes, you can go on an exotic journey in the privacy of your own home! Tasty Hawaiian Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes While many mixed drink recipes with a Hawaiian twist require copious amounts of liquor, some of the best Hawaiian drinks can be made alcohol-free simply by using fruit juices. Here’s a list of some of the most interesting and flavorful Hawaiian non-alcoholic drink recipes for you to try.

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Blog home Hawaiian honeycreepers and their tangled evolutionary tree Using a large DNA data set, researchers have identified the progenitor of Hawaiian honeycreepers and have linked their rapid evolution to the geological formation of the four main Hawaiian Islands Hawaiian honeycreepers. A juvenile Laysan finch center , and clockwise from the top: Douglas Pratt [ velociraptorise ].

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, thousands of kilometres away from any significantly-sized landmass, lies the Hawaiian archipelago. Despite its remote location and geological youth, this chain of islands is bursting with an exuberance of life: One group of birds endemic to these islands is the Hawaiian honeycreepers.

The “typical” Hawaiian honeycreeper — if there is such a thing — feeds on nectar, has brightly coloured plumage and sings a canary-like song. But each species evolved special feeding habits and a correspondingly special beak shape to fill a different niche found on the specific island within the Hawaiian archipelago.

At least 56 species of Hawaiian honeycreepers known to have existed, although no thanks to humans , all but 18 of them are now extinct. Sadly, like all island-dwelling species, these iconic birds are still going extinct. For example, in , the mysterious snail-eating po’ouli, Melamprosops phaeosoma, became the most recent casualty after the last individual died in captivity.


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HONOLULU, Nov. 11, /PRNewswire/ — Hawaiian Airlines, the pioneering carrier of the Pacific and one of the nation’s longest-serving carriers, today is celebrating its 85th anniversary of.

By Amy Hoover Event Coordinator In order for your event or party to be a success, you need to have the right wording on the invitation. The invite wording should convey not only the date, time and location of the party, but also the theme, formality and additional information guests need to know. Include the Right Info Before you worry about your invitation wording, you have to make sure you have all of the correct information together that should be included on a party invite.

However you arrange it, all invitations should provide the following information: Party location, date and time: This information is imperative to getting the party-goers to your fete. If you would like to wrap the party up at a certain time, feel free to write that in the invitation, too. Many children’s birthday parties have a definite start and finish, as do many holiday parties.

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