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Understand[ edit ] The Lightning Ridge region provides many visual experiences that can’t be had elsewhere in Australia. Go and see for yourself! Lightning Ridge Visitor Information Get in[ edit ] Lightning Ridge is easily accessible on a sealed road about four kilometres east of the Castlereagh Highway, approximately 75 km north of Walgett, the next nearest town. Get around[ edit ] A vehicle is required to visit the many interesting out of town sightseeing locations such as Grawin with ‘The Glengarry Hilton’ and ‘Sheepyard Inn’. Displays of opal and fossils. The first level is 11 metres underground with images carved and painted in the sandstone walls and pillars. Lightning Ridge Open most days Mon-Fri ; Sat ; Sun

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Under existing laws an individual can hold only two mining claims that measure 50 meters by 50 meters, or roughly one acre in size. These restrictions do not exist in other parts of Australia. Lightning Ridge is an area of the outback where many crooks, cutthroats, and thieves come to hide away from civilization. There are few people in the Lightning Ridge area. Everyone is highly suspicious of his neighbor and of what he is doing.

Carbon, (14 C), or radiocarbon, is a radioactive isotope of carbon with an atomic nucleus containing 6 protons and 8 presence in organic materials is the basis of the radiocarbon dating method pioneered by Willard Libby and colleagues () to date archaeological, geological and hydrogeological samples. Carbon was discovered on February 27, , by Martin Kamen and Sam.

Pipe opal Wood opal Light opal is the most common type of opal found and refers to both the crystal type opal translucent and the milky opal opaque. It is the most common variety of opal and is generally less expensive than gem quality light opal. Brilliantly colored light opals may be quite expensive with a value exceeding some Black and Boulder Opals. Brilliance or luster is one of the primary factors that determine an opal’s value. An opal with strong intensity and color play adds more value.

Rumor and Legend Surrounding Australian Opals: A long standing rumor is that boulder opals are porous and will absorb moisture, such as perspiration but an Australian opal is not porous and will not absorb moisture. To change the water content locked in an opal’s tiny voids it must be heated extreme temperatures. Opal’s hardness on the Mohs scale is 6. Opal takes its name from the Latin word Upala meaning precious stone.

The Roman scholar Pliny described opal as having the fire of carbuncle a deep red garnet and the brilliance of amethyst with the green color of emerald. The Romans believed opal was the symbol of hope and purity.

Worth a look – The Opal Cave

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Lightning Ridge is a flourishing tourist town with numerous caravan camper-trailer and camping parks, the previously very rustic Diggers’ Rest pub which has burned down for the third time and a well-appointed bowling club with its eight artificial-grass bowling greens. Temperatures in summer can reach into the high 40s Celsius, but below ground the temperature remains continually at around 22 degrees, year round.

The Lightning Ridge area is a world-renowned centre of the mining of black opals and other opal gemstones. Lightning Ridge has the largest known deposits of black opals in the world. The name Lightning Ridge is said to have originated when in the s some passers by found the bodies of a farmer, his dog and sheep which had been struck by lightning. The population is said to be highly variable as transient miners come and go over time. Prior to the Public Enquiry into the functioning of Walgett Shire , it worked on the basis that there were about 7, people in the town, but the enquiry found that this estimate was given no support by the census and contrasted with the 1, people who voted in the town at the local government elections in According to the census of Population, there were 2, people in Lightning Ridge.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people made up The most common responses for religion were No Religion The town was listed as one of the poorest locales in the state according to the Dropping Off The Edge report. In , several Indigenous families living at a local government settlement were forced to move to the Brewarrina settlement.

Since that time, the local Indigenous population has increased because of the influx from other regions of Indigenous people seeking work in opal mining or agriculture. Goats were harnessed and driven by children, much like harness racing in equine sports.


Destinations Lightning Ridge A town famous for its black opal fields that attract some 80, fossickers annually from around the world. The Lightning Ridge area is a world epicentre of the mining of black opals and other opal gemstones, having the largest known deposits of black opals in the world. Lightning Ridge is a flourishing tourist town with numerous caravan and camping parks, the previously very rustic Diggers’ Rest pub and a well-appointed bowling club with its eight artificial-grass bowling greens.

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In Thomas Jefferson took this route on his way to approve the plans for the University of Virginia. Rockfish Valley OverlookAdopted by: In the early s the Tuscarora Indians who later joined the Iroquois Confederation lived near these rivers. From here the Edith J. One of its main historical attractions is its working railroad station.

Oct 25,  · Why Kathryn Marlow – Owner/Manager chose Murrells Inlet. Coral Mist, when we walked into see her, was the perfect house for us. We loved the views, we loved the location, we loved the size, as well as the layout.

The motel is ideally located and is close to all shops and the Lightning Ridge Bowling Club, which is directly opposite the Wallangulla and they are the owners of the motel. This means you can conveniently take advantage of charging all meals and drinks to your Wallangulla Motel account. Everything you want is right here. Modern facilities, free internet, relaxing atmosphere. The affiliation with the Lightning Ridge Bowling Club means you can bill everything at the club back to your room. Function rooms and catering for your events are right there and will be organised for you on request.

You can see images of our rooms by clicking on the tabs above. Located in the centre of town is convenient when you want to browse for opal in the shops, see the local art at the galleries and eat at the many cafes and restaurants. Relax and enjoy your stay at the Ridge while being accommodated at affordable rates. In amongst the bougainvilleas these rooms are sensational at a budget price. Singles, doubles and family rooms are available.

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Main research programs Riversleigh, Queensland 30 million years ago, the last remnant of the super-continent Gondwana had fractured into Australia and Antarctica. Isolated on the northward-drifting Australian continent, the evolving inhabitants of this landmass diversified during millions of years of environmental change. In northern Queensland this remarkable history was preserved in one of the most extraordinary fossil records on earth.

From the unique and spectacular fossil sites at Riversleigh comes the story of more than 25 million years of evolution and extinction.

A collection of awe-inspiring photos from around the world, science infographics and free, high-resolution wallpapers of Earth, nature and space.

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Cutting for Fine Jewellery Treatment: No Sprayed with water to show as would be polished. You will find us located in the heart of the busy mining town of Lightning Ridge New South Wales , approx. Some have struck it rich, while others continue to try. Here are some pictures of our mining activity:

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Nora writes, Kelly makes music. Together, we are on a lifelong journey to It seems he has a touch of opal fever. Lightning Ridge and the surrounding areas are famous for its abundance of opals, and in particular the black opal, which can basically only be found here. For decades, people have visited, and never left. They were entranced by this fiery precious gem; one that constantly changes and flickers in the light.


Continue reading the main story About 70, tourists visit each year: Amateur prospectors try their luck by sifting through pebbles for the opals. But the town, with a population of about 3, , has had mining booms and busts. So about a decade ago, a small committee set out to procure a steadier source of revenue. Brammall, 47, the manager of the Australian Opal Center , is the driving force behind the plan.

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Cetiosaurs whale lizards are believed to be primitive sauropods. It is uncertain if the group forms a natural family or is instead a mixture of primitive and poorly known dinosaurs. The fragmentary skeleton consisted of almost complete leg and pelvic bones, about 28 consecutive tail vertebrae, 7 incomplete dorsal vertebrae and rib fragments, and a single partial cervical vertebra. Subsequently a few more bones were recovered from the same site. This is one of the most complete sauropod skeletons known from Australia.

It is estimated to have been about m long and about 4 m high at the hip, and a weight of about 20 tonnes has been estimated. Based on the elongate neck vertebrae it is believed it had a relatively long neck.

Lightning Ridge: The World Capital of Black Opal