Skinny lattes, prosecco, Piece Hall – and affordable homes: Why Halifax is booming

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Feb 09,  · See also List of oldest buildings and structures in Halifax, Nova Scotia The Halifax Court House The Halifax Court House is a historic building in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Its main section was completed in , with the east wing, built in , being the newest p.

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It was new in July or August with Kingstonian fleet names. An Ian Allan fleetbook correct to January gives it as carrying its name. If you Google “B40UAG”, the first result should give you a photo by the late Roy Marshall taken in Hull in and shows the name being carried between the windscreen wipers. Is that a remaining green gantry pole opposite Kingston Vets on the same side as the Apollo pub near the roundabout?

To the best of my knowledge, trolleybuses did not extend beyond Ings Road on the Holderness Road route after they directly replace the trams on this route in The green traction pole you refer to at Diadem Grove roundabout does indeed look like a former trolleybus pole.

Halifax. A wonderful family property originally dating back to the 18th Century, which over recent years has been extended and redesigned to the highest standards, to create to stunning, characterful and contemporary five bedroomed.

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The Hall was recently redeveloped through the national Heritage Lottery Fund, transforming the space into a vibrant area for business, learning and entertainment. Dating from , the Piece Hall is the sole survivor of the 18th century northern cloth halls, used as a trading place for hand woven textiles to the pre-industrial economy.

Learning centres dedicated to the teachings of its previous usage have been established, allowing people to understand and enjoy the heritage of the Hall. Modernising the historic space Whilst the redevelopment was in keeping with the history of the Hall, it also included a modern twist. The courtyard has been transformed into an attractive and thriving space, which will host major events such as music concerts, theatre shows, markets and sporting events.

The surrounding area now contains offices, restaurants and retail space, aiming to attract local people and visitors from outside Yorkshire. In , the Piece Hall was nominated as a finalist in the heritage category of the National Lottery Awards.

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Another property was once listed but has been removed.

Cigarettes, Loto tickets, and cash taken during break-in. October 30, , Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia Halifax District RCMP is asking for the public’s assistance after a break and enter took place at a business on Sackville Dr. in Lower Sackville.

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Share this article Share The insider claimed Lloyds Banking Group plans to stagger the closures to minimise unfavourable media coverage and avoid customers swamping helplines. Some 26 Halifax outlets were told in June they will close in what the source described as a ‘pilot’ series of closures, codenamed Project Holland. An LBG spokesman insisted a final decision on the closures had yet to be made but admitted Halifax was under review.

It was then acquired by Lloyds Banking Group in a catastrophic deal pushed through by Gordon Brown at the height of the banking crisis.

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It is the sole survivor of the great eighteenth century northern cloth halls, a class of buildings which embodied the vital and dominant importance of the trade in hand woven textiles to the pre-industrial economy of the West Riding of Yorkshire, from the Middle Ages through to the early nineteenth century. It is impossible to overstate the scale and importance of this trade, not just to the history of Halifax and the West Riding, but to the nation as a whole over some years between the twelfth and eighteenth centuries.

When it was built, The Piece Hall was a highly visible statement of the great wealth, pride and ambition of the cloth manufacturers. Although built for trade, it also embodied the most cultured sensitivities of the Enlightenment; these bluff northern manufacturers deliberately chose a design for their building which adapted the neo-classical orders of architecture derived originally from the Romans. From its inception, The Piece Hall was a stunning combination of commerce and culture, an icon of hard business but also a broader statement about the history, the lives and the values of its surrounding community.

A direct link back over almost a quarter of a millenium of history. The Map Room The Map Room has interactive maps, showing how woollen cloth sold in Halifax was traded across the world. Here you can experience the sights and sounds of what it would have been like to be standing inside The Piece Hall on a busy trading day back in Cloth making can be traced all the way back to the twelfth century, when it was made on a small scale in and around Halifax.

Halifax produces the largest amount of cloth of any town in the West Riding: Prior to The Piece Hall being built, a cloth market already existed in Halifax. However, by the s it was increasingly considered unfit for purpose.

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Waste Management Halifax Halifax Run by the Calderdale Council, there is one large recycling centre found within the centre of Halifax. Here domestic users are able to recycle a variety of materials, chemicals and machines including fridges, engines, cooking oil, car batteries, paper, glass and green waste. Here at Business Waste we are dedicated to supporting the businesses of Halifax with their recycling, offering free recycling bins alongside a variety of cheap and reliable recycling opportunities.

Dating Offers Shop Garden Shop M y husband and I are 79 and 74 respectively and have a joint account with Halifax. HMRC tells people in tax debt to pay up by taking out commercial loans.

Geographical factors explain the emergence of Halifax as a centre for the dyeing, finishing and marketing of woollen cloth during the later medieval period. The poor quality of the topsoil and the cold and wet Calderdale climate created unfavourable conditions for arable farming and stimulated the development of textiles as a supplementary economic activity to subsistence agriculture. The evolution of a distinctive dual economy of farming and textiles in this remote Pennine valley was assisted by another geographical advantage, a proliferation of swift- flowing moorland streams, which provided abundant supplies of soft water for the dyeing and finishing of the woollen cloth.

Halifax from Beacon Hill From the outset, cloth appears to have been woven by handloom weavers from hand- spun- yarn in their own cottages. It was then taken to a water- powered fulling mill, often a converted corn mill, where the cloth was pounded, scoured and textured by heavy wooden stocks, before being hung outdoors on tenterframes to dry. Thieves stealing cloth from tenterframes in the bailiwick of Sowerbyshire were subject to summary trial and execution on the Halifax Gibbet, a prototype guillotine, under the infangthief jurisdiction of the lords of the manor of Wakefield.

The original blade from the Gibbet has been preserved at the Bankfield Museum. The Halifax Gibbett The early industrial development of Halifax was concentrated along the Hebble Brook which provided water power for the Dean Clough, Old Lane and Bowling Dyke Mills, where the giant Crossley and Akroyd empires developed as major centres of carpet and worsted manufacture in the nineteenth century.

Scotia Square Commercial 1988 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)