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It may be a further coincidence that the missing men were all later determined to have wandered off alone to a nearby river, accidentally fell in and — apparently incapacitated by alcohol — couldn’t get out before drowning to death. But it’s not a coincidence that at many of the different accident scenes, the same graffiti symbol had been scrawled depicting a “smiley face. When something occurs the first time, it’s a happenstance. If the same thing occurs again, it’s a coincidence. At the third occurrence, it’s a pattern. To be sure, the matching graffiti may not have anything to do with the actual cause and manner of death in the matching missing person cases. Obviously the symbols are not just an accidental coincidence. However, anyone could’ve left the distinct markings at any time — for any reason.

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Euric Cain, 21, was arrested today in connection to the shooting of Peter Gold, a year-old student who stepped in when he saw a man, identified by police as Cain, dragging a woman down a street at around 4 a. The “enraged” gunman then shot Gold in the stomach, police said, in a terrifying moment caught on a surveillance camera. The gunman tried to shoot Gold a second time, police said, but the gun jammed.

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According to a plethora of evidence, she may have a neurological condition. This condition includes dementia. Dementia can significantly shorten a person’s life. If Clinton were a sitting president, this diagnosis alone would be grounds for resignation. Despite the distinct likelihood this is true, Clinton and the Democratic National Committee continue to press onward. Subscribe Now – Catholic Online YouTube Throughout the campaign, cameras have caught glimpses of Hillary Clinton coughing, wheezing, stumbling, and stuttering.

There appears to have been a tumor on her tongue, now removed leaving a hole. One of her staff has been photographed carrying a pen for emergency injections.

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Crash kills 3 Columbia and Barnard students Posted: Jan 13 Jan 14 Jan 26

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This year, these categories attracted 4, yearbook and digital media entries and 6, print news and magazines for a grand total of 11, entries submitted in categories. These entries come from publications produced by students at colleges, universities, and secondary schools through the United States and abroad who follow an American education plan. Entries for print newspaper and magazines published from June 13, to June 11, were eligible for consideration in the 51 newspaper and 35 magazine categories.

Because CSPA dates its awards by the year in which they were given, the yearbook and digital media awards below are the awards, even through published in Individual entries from yearbooks and digital media from are still being judged and will be announced in January Entries were accepted from student yearbooks and digital media publications published from October 11, through October 10, , with winners previously announced in March Student journalists working on these print or electronic media chose from 39 yearbook categories and 41 digital media categories.

In summary, judges cited a total of winners for yearbook and digital media and for print newspaper and magazine for either First, Second or Third Place or for Certificates of Merit for those deemed worthy of honorable mention in a category. Entry categories included those for yearbooks and for digital online media, in its annual competition for individual achievement by student writers, editors, designers and photographers.

Congratulations to all of our winners! Magazines Entries that have been produced during the academic year will be judged in August and announced in September

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The position has been left vacant since the sudden firing of David Shulkin on March 28, The year-old Congressman was wounded during a military deployment to Afghanistan in A blast from an IED resulted in Mast having both of his legs and one finger amputated. He now walks using dual prosthetics. Since his election to Congress, Mast became the first lawmaker to open up an office in the West Palm Beach VA in order to have closer contact with fellow veterans.

Even before that information surfaced, many lawmakers were skeptical of his ability to lead a vast organization such as the VA because Jackson had never run a large organization in the past.

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There definitely have been difficult or frustrating times, but Irene and I love each other, trust each other, and work hard in keeping each other happy, even when we are both busy in school, and across the ocean from each other. We accept that there will be challenges, but we both know we are building a greater future together and that a few years of being apart is nothing compared to a lifetime together afterwards. I end my day everyday with Irene. Sometimes during the school semester, I would even find a less-busy weekend to go visit Irene, like one of the weekends after block exams.

When Irene came to visit me, she met many of my friends and professors here at AUC. And even though she is currently far away, she still keeps in contact with many of them, and feels involved when I talk about my friends because she has met them before. Those friendship connections shorten the distance between our two lives. I have also met and kept in contact with her friends.

I think in many ways, Irene and I have strengthened our relationship over the semesters during this long-distance experience.

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Seven months later her parents moved their new family to the United States. Her surname, Chetry, refers to the traditional caste of rulers and soldiers among Hindus in the Middle Hills of Nepal. Kiran’s father Hom Chetry belongs to this community. Kiran’s mother Nancy is of Ukrainian, Dutch, and German ancestry. Kiran grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland and attended Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland , where she served in student government, danced on the pom squad, [2] and competed on the swim team.

Career[ edit ] Chetry began her career in at News 21 in Rockville, Maryland.

An emoticon (/ ɪ ˈ m oʊ t ɪ k ɒ n /, i-MOHT-i-kon, rarely pronounced / ɪ ˈ m ɒ t ɪ k ɒ n /), short for “emotion icon”, is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using characters—usually punctuation marks, numbers, and letters—to express a person’s feelings or mood, or as a time-saving first ASCII emoticons:) and: (, were written by Scott Fahlman in

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. That means it will become just the 10th medical school approved by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, the governing body for medical schools. It was a long-time coming.

It’s a hell of a problem, not only for California, but for the entire country,” said Dr. Joseph Silva, the founding dean of Northstate College of Medicine. The school is the only for-profit medical school in the country. Silva helped guide the UC Davis Medical School for many years, and the four-year accreditation process went relatively quickly. UC Riverside’s medical school took 10 years to get its accreditation.

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O’Reilly’s ouster shocked the television news industry, including Fox’s own employees. While the broadcaster was not well-liked inside the network, he was viewed as invincible. An investigation by The New York Times. The Times published its reporting on April 1. Within days, there was an advertiser exodus — dozens of sponsors told Fox to remove their ads from “The O’Reilly Factor.

Leftist students at the University of Texas at Austin attempted to shut down a conservative student group’s event on Tuesday, labeling their conservative classmates “enemies.” according to local news reports. year-old Emile Ratelband wants to legally change his age to 49 so he can find a new job and meet more women on dating apps.

March 29 3: Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon who has recently found fame as a conservative pundit, that wasn’t the case. After Hannity asked Carson to weigh in publicly on gay marriage on Tuesday, he offered this clunker on live TV: Josh Voorhees Josh Voorhees is a Slate senior writer. He lives in Iowa City. It doesn’t matter what they are. They don’t get to change the definition.

So he, it’s not something that is against gays, it’s against anybody who wants to come along and change the fundamental definitions of pillars of society. It has significant ramifications.

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Keep reading for tips to nailing your medical school application. A meaningful personal statement. The way he listened to his patients and really understood them helped me understand that a successful doctor is an individual who can not only apply the sciences but also connect with others.

Thanksgiving is in less than a week and consumers all around the country will be rushing around to see family. Some may want to grab a bite while on the road and some may need to .

Ruth Bader Ginsburg breaks ribs in fall Democrats are in a state of sheer panic. This apparently will lead to the end of a free America. It simply demonstrates the wild overreach to which the left has subjected the judicial branch to date. The judicial branch was never meant to act as a superlegislature, using the verbiage of the Constitution in order to implement preferred policy prescriptions.

Yet according to the Democrats, the Supreme Court should exercise will instead of judgment. The role of the court, according to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, is to help expedite change in our society: This is why Democrats celebrate obviously superlegal decisions like Roe v. There is no right to abortion in the Constitution, but they would prefer not to battle that issue out at the electoral level. The Supreme Court allows them to hand down their policy from the mountaintop without having to subject those policies to public scrutiny.

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Nov 4 Sharon Sha presented findings Nov. The PLASMA trial was designed to test a hypothesis advanced by Tony Wyss-Coray , PhD, Stanford professor of neurology and neurological sciences and a senior research career scientist at the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, whose research has shown that factors in the blood of young mice can rejuvenate the brain tissue and improve cognitive performance in old mice. Further studies on larger numbers of participants will be necessary before conclusions about efficacy can be reached, Sha said.

The trial took place at Stanford Hospital and was sponsored by Alkahest, a privately held biotechnology company headquartered in San Carlos, California. Alkahest holds intellectual property associated with the treatment regimen.

An Iranian general on Monday accused Israel of manipulating weather to prevent rain over the Islamic Republic, alleging his country was facing cloud “theft,” before being contradicted by the.

Antecedents[ edit ] The National Telegraphic Review and Operators Guide in April documented the use of the number 73 in Morse code to express “love and kisses” later reduced to the more formal “best regards”. Dodge’s Manual in documented the reintroduction of “love and kisses” as the number Gajadhar and Green comment that both Morse code abbreviations are more succinct than modern abbreviations such as LOL. It is to be appended, with the full stop, to every jocular or ironical sentence”.

Emoticons had already come into use in sci-fi fandom in the s, [18] although there seems to have been a lapse in cultural continuity between the communities. The piece, featuring typewriter-generated artwork credited to “Royal Portable”, was entirely made up of repurposed typography, including a capital letter P having a bigger bust than a capital I, a lowercase b and d discussing their pregnancies, an asterisk on top of a letter to indicate the letter had just come inside from a snowfall, and a classroom of lowercase n’s interrupted by a lowercase h “raising its hand”.

In , the ” smiley face”, a yellow button with two black dots representing eyes and an upturned thick curve representing a mouth was created by freelance artist Harvey Ball. It was realized on order of a large insurance company as part of a campaign to bolster the morale of its employees and soon became a big hit. This smiley presumably inspired many later emoticons; the most basic graphic emoticon that depicts this is, in fact, a small yellow smiley face.

Loufrani was the first person to trademark the symbol, in Nicolas developed hundreds of different emoticons, including 3D versions. His designs were registered at the United States Copyright Office in and appeared online as. In , Walmart opposed the registration, citing a likelihood of confusion between the Loufrani smiley and a smiley face Walmart had been using since

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Accept the fact they will have many affairs. Learn to hide dating a med student “ew, gross” reactions when they tell you all the stuff you never wanted to dating a med student about your bodily functions. Dating a med student The women who create wildly, unbalanced, ferociously and in a blur at times. Why would this be any different from what I was already used to. There will be sad things, like child emd, autopsies and telling people they have cancer.

You’ll only see her once a year at, like, 2:

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Nearly every day, some hysterical dispatch shows up on my desk saying the world will end on Friday or Moluccan terrorists have just infiltrated through Brownsville, Texas, and are heading for your house. But no one is more popular on the net propaganda circuit than President Obama. So in the interest of no spin, it is my pleasure to set the record straight.

Obama is a controversial guy. But he does deserve to be treated honestly, does he not? So here we go. The president has not released his academic transcripts. His records from Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School have not been made public, and the president could do that if he wanted to. His thesis from Columbia has not been made public. He didn’t do a thesis. You may remember that Hillary Clinton kept her Wellesley thesis private until somebody outed the paper on radical Saul Alinsky.

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